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Barney's dream has finally come true! He is in Chocoland, and he can get as much chocolates
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17 July 2009

Editor's review

Chocolates in any form are enjoyed by all and sundry all over the world with varied brands involved in its making and promotion. Several companies are involved in this business and their promotion and marketing comprise various strategies to push forward their brand. Even a popular Hollywood movie Chocolat promoted the Chocolate as an aphrodisiac and tells the story of Juliette Binoche who brings forth the vividness and sweetness of Chocolate into a repressed French village and rapidly begins to change the lives of people living there. The chocolate seeds or the cocoa are mainly grown in Mexico and South America and involves a tedious process for developing its flavor. Barney In Chocoland for Mac 1.0 contains the story of Barney who’s dream of going to Chocoland has come true and now can fulfill his sweet desires.

Barney In Chocoland for Mac opens with a vibrant interface with the chief options placed intuitively across the screen and Barney’s job is to collect as many chocolate as possible avoiding any theft. The animated graphics are bright and vibrant looking with a cute animated character created for Barney. He also has to save himself and the chocolate from the inhabitants of Chocoland called Coco as he may not like the idea. The plot is simple enough to understand and the player needs to control Barney and collect the falling chocolates and put them into barrels. Any chocolate missed is eaten by Coco and if more than 3 misses happen, the game ends. The game also provides some power ups as well that gives additional bonuses to the player.

To conclude, Barney In Chocoland for Mac 1.0 comes across as a fun and enjoyable chocolaty ride for the chief protagonist Barney and hence earns a rating score of four points for its delectable premise.

Publisher's description

Barney's dream has finally come true! He is in Chocoland, and he can get as much chocolates as he can collect. But the inhabitant of Chocoland, Coco, might not like this idea at all!
Help Barney to collect as much chocolates as he can, and don't let Coco to steal any from him. It's a simple plot of the game, but it is made with gameplay as the most important factor in mind.
You are controlling Barney. Chocolates are falling down, and you need to catch and insert them into the barrels. When you miss a chocolate, it is eaten by Coco. 3 misses and the game ends.
There are power-ups, which will give you some additional bonuses like clearing a miss, boosting speed etc.
There is an online "HALL OF FAME" where you can compete against other players around the world! Just get the game and you are ready to become the best player in the world!
Although Barney in Chocoland is very simple, it is a very amusing game that will entertain the whole family.
Barney In Chocoland
Barney In Chocoland
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